IntraData is very happy to announce the Homeschool Edition of ReadnQuiz. Now homeschool teachers can use the same reading program used by so many public and private schools.

Of the three quiz programs used in schools, only ReadnQuiz has a version for homeschools. We made our name in districts in every state for being a quality, affordable alternative to those other two programs. Now, after years of requests, we bring that same passion and dedication to homeschool families.

ReadnQuiz is strictly a quizzing program similar to Accelerated Reader®. There are no essay questions. No reading journals. No book reports. Honestly, did you like any of those when you were in school? They tend to be a drag on promoting the love of reading and much more difficult and time-consuming for teachers to administer. ReadnQuiz has over 55,000 quizzes, written by librarians and teachers who know what the kids are reading. Our collection is not influenced by book publishers. On average, there are 20 new quizzes added every day.

While there are many different approaches to getting kids to read and tracking their progress, we firmly believe that the computer-based and computer-graded quiz is the sweet spot. The genre has been around for decades and has proven its worth. Kids love taking the quizzes and collecting points. Teachers love the time-savings, comprehensive reports, and confidence that the book was actually read. Schools can be creative in how they use the awarded points to incentivize (or not). Students and teachers work together to find the student’s reading level and parents can help with finding that perfect book that really ignites the imagination and love of reading.

Who can use ReadnQuiz Homeschool? Any parent, homeschooling or not, actively engaged in their child’s reading journey. If your child is using ReadnQuiz at school, we don’t allow concurrent home use for obvious reasons. And we do have some excellent tools to find those trying to take advantage.

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