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The Quizzes

Crowdsourced Quizzes

ReadnQuiz uses crowdsourcing for its quiz collection. Crowdsourcing has been scientifically proven to be better than “the experts” in getting to best results in numerous fields and applications. We don’t pay anybody to write quizzes. We rely solely on contributions from educators who, by the way, are trained to write effective quizzes. Educators are motivated to write quizzes for books they would like their students to read, and also enjoy the feeling of helping other educators.

Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers. (

 Did you know the Oxford English Dictionary was crowdsourced? It’s true. There were over 6 million contributions over 70 years.  

More Questions Per Book

We get questions from multiple sources on every book. This “wiki” method provides us with many more questions per book than the other quizzing programs typically have. This allows for retakes and cuts way down on the possibility of cheating since every quiz is unique. 

Quality Control

People make mistakes. This is how we catch them and correct them.


We have a staff of proofreaders who check every question for grammar and style before they are added to ReadnQuiz . Our gatekeepers have most likely not read the book, so they cannot judge correctness of the questions.

Student Feedback

We understand that the students are a wealth of expertise on the book they just read and are now quizzing on. We ask for (optional) feedback on each question while the quiz is being taken. Students can rate the difficulty of the question, call out a grammar error, or just plain tell us the question is a bad one. We take their feedback very seriously, as yet another implementation of crowdsourcing. If a significant number of kids, who just read a book, tell us a question is bad, that question is bad and will be reviewed and corrected or removed. We will then amend the students’ quiz results accordingly.

Teacher Feedback

Teachers can review a taken quiz with a student and if there is a “questionable” question, the teacher can use her judgment to amend the student’s score. She can then submit the question to our gatekeepers with her recommendation. If the question is found to be bad, it will be removed or corrected. We will then amend the results of any other student who has answered that question.

Statistical Analysis

The final check on every question is a review of how many students got the answer correct. If a significant number of students get a question wrong, we immediately pull it and review it. We will ask the question writer about the content or one of our gatekeepers will check out the book and review the question. The question is either removed or corrected. We will then amend the results of already taken quizzes.

Crowdsourcing provides a wealth of freely shared content and also serves to make the content as correct as is possible. No bad question will survive the above quality control process and we are able to reverse the impact of bad questions when they are found.  

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